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New solution gives broadcasters a fully IP-based workflow for seamless, flexible, and reliable prompting.

LONDON — April 20, 2017 — Autoscript today introduced Intelligent Prompting — the broadcast industry’s first completely IP-enabled teleprompting solution. At the 2017 NAB Show, Autoscript will showcase Intelligent Prompting in an end-to-end teleprompting workflow that delivers the connectivity, flexibility, ease of use, and reliability critical for the modern broadcast operations of today and tomorrow.

“Until now, prompting systems have relied on USB, video, and serial cables to connect the controller to the prompting engine and deliver prompting output to the monitor. Our customers needed a seamless IP prompting workflow for today’s evolving broadcast environments,” said Robin Brown, product manager at Autoscript. “With Intelligent Prompting, our engineers have redesigned each component within the prompting system around an IP-enabled workflow that’s both reliable and flexible. Plus, we’ve created a scalable architecture that supports users at any stage in their transition to IP.”

To provide the simplest and most reliable solution, Intelligent Prompting avoids the use of video over IP and ensures that much less data is sent over the IP network. The intelligence needed to generate the script has been incorporated inside every Intelligent Prompting monitor, enabling the monitor to produce the video output directly. Each monitor remains in constant communication with the master application, ensuring ongoing, perfect synchronization and easier operation. This Intelligent Prompting workflow removes the traditional scroll box from the operator position, which means there are no signal routing considerations, no A/B switches required for failover scenarios, and no video standards issues.

An IP-enabled prompting workflow creates endless opportunities for broadcast operations to collaborate across geographies and provide cost-effective resource allocation. One operator can control the script in multiple locations and instantly switch control to another operator anywhere in the world when necessary. Likewise, IP connectivity provides powerful redundancy, since a second master software application can be installed and then take over control seamlessly as required.

Intelligent Prompting also includes WinPlus-IP, an updated version of Autoscript’s WinPlus teleprompting software. WinPlus-IP builds on existing procedures, such as shortcut keys and layouts, while including improvements to the software’s ease of use, such as clearer menu structures and added functionality. The software’s modern user interface includes a device status tool to enable monitoring and management of all Intelligent Prompting devices on the network. These new features ensure that broadcasters avoid the downtime and errors associated with learning a new system and benefit from simple, centralised management of all devices.  

In addition, Intelligent Prompting includes a new, radically different desktop controller with improved ergonomics, providing a comfortable, neutral hand position, adequate wrist support, and left- or right-handed operation.

The Intelligent Prompting teleprompter hardware is the most forward-thinking and user-friendly on the market, designed to simplify integration and reduce payload issues for the camera support. Key hardware features include:

Slim, lightweight monitors: Intelligent Prompting includes an all-new, single prompt monitor platform, encompassing the EVO-IP high-bright and EPIC-IP prompters, with a depth of 41.5mm (previously 64mm). To support a phased approach to IP adoption, Intelligent Prompting monitors can also accept HD-SDI input and are compatible with existing hardware and software.

Increased flexibility: The system’s EPIC Talent Monitor is detachable, giving broadcasters the flexibility to upgrade the EVO-IP prompt monitor to an EPIC-IP system.

Innovative and transportable design: The system’s new carbon-fiber hood includes side panels that can fold completely to protect the beamsplitter glass and allow it to remain in place when the hood is folded shut for transportation, massively reducing the risk of breakage.

Revolutionary fast setup: Engineered with a “fewer parts and processes” philosophy, the unique rail-based mounting system achieves rapid assembly with quick-release mechanisms for both the camera and monitor, reducing overall setup time by up to 75 percent compared to other leading systems.

Exceptionally light weight: The combined weight of all Intelligent Prompting components is significantly lower. For example, the EVO-IP 17-inch on-camera system is more than 30 percent lighter than its predecessor, the LED 17-inch. In addition, the unique design of Intelligent Prompting removes the need for counterweights in most cases, reducing on-camera weight even further.

“By designing every component around an intelligent IP workflow, Autoscript has developed a revolutionary prompting system that can be used by everyone,” Brown continued. “While fulfilling the need for a truly seamless IP workflow, we had to consider our hundreds of customers around the world and create scalable solutions for them at a price comparable with traditional equipment. With Intelligent Prompting, we’re helping this critical function adapt for next-generation broadcast operations — and perhaps equally as exciting — we’ve opened up possibilities to enhance prompting workflows for years to come.”

More information on the new Intelligent Prompting solutions is available here

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