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Autoscript will showcase its recently launched E.P.I.C. 19 to NAB visitors for the first time, including a new feature, display remote control. The new 19 inch Enhanced Prompting Information Centre (E.P.I.C.) offers large studios one of the lightest and most power-efficient teleprompter systems for its size.

Based on the renowned E.P.I.C. 17, the new E.P.I.C. 19 has been developed for use in large studios that have requirement for a smart system to display prompter text and transmit images to talent. It features dual SDI inputs as standard, one for the prompter monitor and the other for the talent monitor, and an integrated tally light. The 19 inch LED prompter monitor is backlit, while the super thin on-air monitor delivers crisp and clear images to talent.

By combining both monitors in the same system, the E.P.I.C. 19 eliminates the need for additional components and a mounting assembly, thereby making it more power efficient and lightweight. In addition, due to the absence of a mounting bracket the full tilt range of the camera can be used.

Autoscript will showcase added functionality to its entire range of E.P.I.C. units with the launch of its brand new E.P.I.C. display remote control. The display remote control will become a standard element of all of the company’s E.P.I.C. systems, and can control both the talent and prompting monitors. The infrared control allows the talent to select the video feed on both monitors, and because each remote is unique to the specific E.P.I.C. system it is operating, multiple talent can select their own video feeds in multi-camera studios.

“The E.P.I.C. 19 system has already been well-received because it meets all of the requirements of those large studios looking for the most space, cost and energy efficient solution to display larger images and text to talent. NAB 2015 offers the perfect platform to showcase this solution, alongside the brand new display remote control which will be incorporated into all of our E.P.I.C packages,” says Robin Brown, product manager, Autoscript.

The E.P.I.C. 19 and the new remote control solution will be performing on Autoscript’s booth C6025 at NAB 2015 alongside the E.P.I.C. 17.

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