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Autoscript was the first prompting manufacturer to apply LED technology to its TFT monitor range, bringing significant advantages over fluorescent backlit monitors:

  • Increased display longevity
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Higher contrast levels for greater clarity
  • Smooth, fast refresh, resulting in less strain on the eyes
  • More detailed rendering for nonstandard alphabet languages
  • 4.3 format essential for reducing scanning movement in presenters eyes
  • Instant warm-up to full brightness
  • Systems can be used with standard, wide angle and extra wide-angle hoods
  • Brightness: 1000 nits
  • Weight: 5.56kg (12.4lb) Monitor only 14.3kg (31.5lb) Typical all up weight
  • Reading Range: 6 metres – 18 feet
  • Power: 12V DC 53 watts
  • Power Supply: Internal PSU, 90 to 260V AC, 160V DC or 12V DC
  • Video: Autosensing PAL/NTSC, VGA, HD/SD-SDI
  • Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

LED Supported modes:

  • NTSC / 480i60 (525i60)
  • PAL / 576i50 (625i50)
  • 480p60 (525p60)
  • 576p50 (625p50)
  • (HDTV) 720p50
  • (HDTV) 720p60
  • (HDTV) 1080i50
  • (HDTV) 1080i60
  • (HDTV) 1080p25
  • (HDTV) 1080p30

Leveraging recent and considerable advances in LED technology, Autoscript has introduced the next-generation illumination technology for its TFT (thin-film transistor) display range.

LED technology has major advantages for display longevity, performance, reliability, and “green” energy savings. The benefits of LED technology far outweigh those of fluorescent back-lit monitors. The superior light distribution of Autoscript’s LED TFT-Plus delivers higher contrast levels and an overall picture quality that improves on current technology. The LED unit uses significantly less power than existing TFTs, thereby increasing the monitor’s efficiency, which is particularly important for teleprompter monitors powered from the camera head.

Features include: Eco +Plus+ feature saves power when no active video is present, LCM feature – preset Low Consumption Modes for use with camera utility power-outlets, Built-in dimmable Tally Light with Opto Sensor input and repeat output, illuminated control panel for easy visibility in dark studio conditions and Composite & HD-SDI input as standard.

The LED 19 TFT +Plus+ panel offers virtually instant warm-up to full brightness, unlike CCFLs [Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tubes], which take many minutes to reach full efficiency and light output and is designed for use within news or studio based productions. Can be used with the standard hood, wide angle, and extra wide angle hoods.


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