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Wireless Scroll Control (WSC-RAT/WSC-RAT-A)

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Product Specification

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The RAT wireless hand control allows total freedom for the presenter to move around a studio and control the speed of the prompted text. If your production requires your talent to move while on air a wireless device enables you to do this. With a wide and selectable channel range the unit will not interfere with any other devices within your studio. Multiple RAT's can be used in the same location meaning your sports anchor, weather anchor and news anchor can all have a wireless device if required, making for a dynamic production where the talent does not have to remain static in one place.

Available in two versions depending on your location:


ROW (Rest Of World): WSC-RAT

Also available in a package which include the hand control, receiver and power supply

  • Weight: 160 gm
  • Power: 9V PP3 battery
  • Size (excluding antenna): 13 x 5 x 3.8cm (5.1" x 2" x 1.5")
  • Channels: 16


  • Frequency:
    • USA (WSC-RAT-A) 900 mhz
    • ROW (WSC-RAT) 433 mhz


  • Max Distance to Receiver:
    • USA (WSC-RAT-A) 50 metres (164 feet)
    • ROW (WSC-RAT) 100 metres (328 feet)

Please Note: When purchasing a new WSC-RAT or WSC-RAT-A to operate with existing WSC-REC or WSC-REC-A please call to check compatibility

  • Rocker pot for smooth, silent, forwards and backwards direction of the prompted text
  • Centre stop
  • Easy to access buttons for next, previous and top of script functions
  • GPI interface for control of graphics or backgrounds
  • Scalable sensitivity: user can adjust the sweep and range of the scroll speed
  • Assignable function button can trigger a number of features including:
    • Auto load script
    • Prompt screen to black
    • Toggle inverse
    • Toggle closed caption
    • 10 second count down
    • Insert Bookmark
    • Prompt from last story
  • Unique one minute power save mode when idle
  • Interfaces with WinPlus News and WinPlus Studio software packages and Smart Combi Control Net applications


Package Part (USA): WSC-A Includes:

  • 1 x WSC-RAT-A: 2 Button Wireless Hand Held Control
  • 1 x WSC-REC-A: Wireless Scroll Control Receiver
  • 1 x PSU-HR: DC Power supply with Hi-rose connector
  • 1 x IECUS: AC Cable (IEC)


Package Part (ROW): WSC Includes:

  • 1 x WSC-RAT: 2 Button Wireless Hand Held Control
  • 1 x WSC-REC: Wireless Scroll Control Receiver
  • 1 x PSU-HR: DC Power supply with Hi-rose connector
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