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Upgrade WinPlus Studio software to integrate with all leading Newsroom Systems (NCS).  Add additional functionality and avoid full capital expenditure in new software.

The choice of newsrooms worldwide, WinPlus News software is an extremely powerful and versatile prompting package. With an interface familiar to WinPlus Studio users, this upgrade enables reliable integration for script updates via NCS.

Compatible with all leading Newsroom systems (NCS)  including AP Newscenter, AP  ENPS, AVID iNEWS,  Dalet, News Wire/Open Media, Newsmaker, Newstar.  Also fully supports MOS Protocol : ENPS, News Works, Octopus, Eidoe Media, Dayang, Sobey, SONY ELC, ROSS Inception etc.   (Please call us for more information if your preferred  newsroom interface is not listed).

Upgrading from WinPlus Studio to WinPlus News simply requires issuing of a new registration number and will only take moments to complete to unlock all the tools required for NRCS integration.

WinPlus license conversion upgrade from WinPlus Studio to WinPlus News. For existing WinPlus users only.

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