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We have found WinPlus Remote to be an invaluable tool when more conventional prompting is either logistically or technically impractical. Previously we might have relied on presenters or reporters learning scripts and delivering from memory. Now we can deploy an iPad and simple prompting hardware and get a reliable prompter where otherwise we’d be struggling. There are some clever tricks in the setup that minimise the amount of data transferred during each update, so even on a low bandwidth connection we can still see script updates. We’ve used WinPlus Remote on numerous tricky live assignments with great success.

Martin Collett, Senior Programme Director, Channel 4 News

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iPad real-time remote prompting pioneered and developed by Autoscript

WinPlus Remote Software System:

  • Download live scripts from studio/newsroom to your iPad
  • Instant “live” real-time script updates
  • Includes WinPlus software
  • No delays on breaking news updates
  • Solution for limited staff on location/field operation
  • Always have the latest version of the script, wherever you are
  • Simple quick installation: script updates automatically
  • Do not have to be current WinPlus user

WP-REM package includes:

  • iSCROLL: 3 Button Hand Control. Hand control for use with WP-REM. Enables user to adjust speed and direction of prompted text. Next/Previous story and remote script update functionality. (Dims. 11.5cm x 2.5cm x 2cm)
  • iGLUE: iGlue Hand Control Adaptor. Adaptor for use with WP-REM. Plugs into 30 way socket on iDevice to enable iScroll Hand Control to interface to picoPrompt. (Dims. 4.7cm x 4.8cm x 1cm)
  • MJ-PICO: 3.5mm cable to connect iGlue to iScroll  5m male to male audio cable
  • WPI-K: WP-REM software dongle. Required to enable upload of scripts from WinPlus to FTP site
  • TC-REM: Travel case for WP-REM package. Plastic case with handle and internal foam cut outs for iGlue, iScroll and MJ-PICO
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Introduction to WinPlus Remote

 Simon Clark gives an overview of WinPlus Remote at IBC 2014