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If you would like to raise a technical support case please contact our support team at support@videndum.com

Blank lines are not appearing on my prompt output.

Go to Prompt menu and un-check “Remove Blank Lines”.

Can ENPS Shared Directory Mode load multiple rundowns at a time?

With ENPS Shared Directory Mode you can have only one run down loaded at a time. If you would like to load more, this can be accomplished using an ENPS MOS protocol. Please refer to a support specialist or ENPS MOS set up for details.

Can I turn down the sensitivity of my Wireless RAT Controller?

If the RAT controller needs further adjustment than what capable in the PC Card tab for Speed Profile, the RAT can be manually adjusted (provided the customer is using an XBOX Ultra with the latest firmware) In the same location as the INI file there is a wplus32.RPF file (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autoscript\WinPlus) or C:\ProgramData\Autoscript\WinPlus) Open this file with notepad and edit the numbers to the right of the = sign. These numbers represent the speed of the script at the rocker position (numbered to the left of the = sign). These numbers are for both forward and backward positions. After set, WinPlus should be restarted and then in the PC Card tab under Speed Control Profile "User Defined" should be selected.

Closed Caption Only (green) text in iNews is not showing up in WinPlus.

Go to Options menu > Configuration > iNews tab. Check “Prompt Closed Caption Only Text”. (The run down will need to be reloaded into WinPlus for changes to take effect.)

How can I raise a Technical support case?

Click on this link

How do I clean the prompter glass?

Titanium is a high quality, permanent, semi-reflective layer. The standard beam splitter (70:30) is used at an angle of about 45°. It allows images from two directions to be combined into one. A second standard coating ratio (80:20) is available; this reflects one third and passes two thirds of the direct image. This is the normal standard for prompt and Autoscript glass. Care and cleaning of the glass is essential for increased life and performance of the glass. No solvents or glass cleaners should be used. Clean water and damp lens cloth should only be used when cleaning.

How do I connect my PCI Card or Xbox to Smart Combiner Box 2?

Connection is via the 9 way D connector from the PCI card or Xbox to the 9 way D connector on the Smart Combiner Box 2 Only controllers supplied after 2006 are compatible with the Smart Combiner Box 2. These are the HC/1, Opto and Magno Foot Controllers and the RAT (Receive And Transmit) Wireless Hand Control.

How do I download manuals?

The Manuals for most products can be found here http://www.autoscript.tv/support/downloads/

How do I register my software?

The software registration is free and allows Autoscript to know the whereabouts of the Prompting systems around the world. This in turn will help improve support and provide the user with information about new products. To register, browse to the specified website, fill in the required data and enter the "Hardware ID Number". The number that is returned should be entered into the Registration field in the WinPlus Software Registration form. The software will be registered for a period of one year, after which re-registration is required. No functionality is lost if you do not register the software. However the Registration form will appear each time WinPlus is started or when the WinPlus configuration is closed with the OK button.

How do you input the timecode into the +ClockPlus+?

The timecode input is taken from either the VITC embedded in the video input or from LTC. When a time-code source is connected, the clock will instantly set itself to the input time.

How is the tally triggered from green to red?

A Photo Electric Sensor is provided; this is simply attached to the camera Tally, when the camera goes live, the display changes from green to red.

I have no video from my PCI card or USB Xbox

Check cable connectors are good, check you are connected to one of the two outputs on the PCI/USB device. The two BNCs closest to the 9 way D are video outputs, the third is a genlock input.

Installing the PCI Prompt Card on NT4 (or earlier)

When installing the PCICard on a computer running a version of NT that does not support plug and play, such as NT4, make sure that plug and play support is disabled in the computer's BIOS settings. This situation can easily happen if the computer is updated to NT4 from a plug and play version of Windows such as Windows98. The BIOS setup to a computer is commonly accessed by pressing the DEL key at boot time. It is strongly suggested that BIOS settings are only changed by a qualified technician as it is easy to make the computer inoperable with an incorrect setting!

Is there a Hot Key to jump to and prompt from a specific story?

In the upper left corner of the Run Order window, type the story number into the text box, the press F9 to start prompting from the top of selected story.

ISA Card (PCPrompt Card) Compatability with New Hand Controls

PCPrompt Cards earlier than s/n PCP1494 (Pre October 1997) will not operate with the new opto-control based hand and/or foot controls. Please contact your nearest distributor or contact Autoscript sales@autoscript.tv

My Newsroom button disappeared.

If you can turn prompting on:
  • Make sure the software title reads: “WinPlus News – Prompting For Windows”
(If this reads studio then you will need to upgrade your registration number. If you feel this is an error, and should have a newsroom registration please call support.) For Autoscript WinPlus News - Prompting for Windows
  • Go to: Options – Newsroom
  • Select your newsroom options, (please note: MOS newsroom will need to be selected from the MOS option)

Prompt Output Not Displaying

If, when prompter is blank, setting "Default Color Bars" is displayed, or displayed as grey scale if color output is not enabled; Options - Set Colors - Default Will reset all prompt colors, and output should resume.

Sluglines have random sequential numbers

ENPS page numbers need to be frozen in ENPS for them to carry over in to WinPlus.

Speech recognition

Short Cut Keys: Alt+h p To enable the Speech control functionality, select the Help Update Speech Registration menu option. Enter the appropriate number and click on the OK button. Registration numbers are obtained from: support@autoscript.tv You will need to quote the "Prompt Card Registration Number" as displayed from this window. To enable the Speech Follower interface, DirectX version 8 or above must be installed. Next the WinPlus Speech Registration number must be entered. See Help/Update Speech Registration. This will display the Prompt card registration number and you must enter the Speech Registration number obtained from Autoscript. If this is successful, proceed to the Speech Configuration where the Speech tab should now be enabled.

The software is asking for a registration number, where do I find this?

The 8 digit registration number is located on the bottom of your XBOX Ultra, USB XBOX or PCI Card.

Updating WinPlus Studio to WinPlus News

Short Cut Keys: Alt+h u To upgrade from a Studio version of WinPlus to a News version, select the Help Update Prompt card Registration menu option. Enter the appropriate number and click on the OK button. If the new registration number is accepted, a message box will inform the user that the WinPlus program should be restarted. If the registration number does not match that required for a Studio or a News version, then all program functions are available, except Prompting will be disabled.

USB Controller (HC/5) Not Working

Make sure all drivers are properly installed in the Device Manager, and select under Options > Configuration > PC Card tab > "USB Hand Control"

What are the computer recommendations?

WinPlus Studio or News: XBOX ULTRA or USB XBOX: Dual-Core Processor or Higher 2 GB RAM or More Windows XP, Vista or 7 Windows 8 (version or higher required) 1 USB 2.0 Port WinPlus XBOX-Lite: Dual-Core Processor or Higher 2 GB RAM or More Windows XP, Vista or 7 Windows 8 (version or higher required) 2 USB 2.0 Port WinPlus Studio or News: PCI Card: Dual-Core Processor or Higher 1 full PCI slot (NOT PCI-X) 2 GB RAM or More Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32-bit only) WinPlus-VGA and ELP: Dual-Core or Higher Processor 2 GB or More 512MB Video Card or Higher Windows XP

What file formats will WinPlus support?

Microsoft* Word for Windows* version 2 Microsoft* Word for Windows* version 6/7/8 Microsoft* Word for DOS Microsoft* Works V2 Rich Text Format Word Perfect* for DOS version 5.1 Word Star 6* Word Star 2000* Lotus Ami Pro* Olivetti Word processor Text (OLITEXT) Scriptmaster* Unicode Text Format (Unicode WinPlus Only) Obsolete WinPlus formats WinPlus 2 to WinPlus 4 WinPlus 5 is the current internal file format. *All trademarks shown above acknowledged. If none of the above formats are detected then the file is assumed to be an ASCII text file. A dialogue box will request whether to convert the data from a selection of other formats recognized by WinPlus. Select the DOS format only if the file was saved under DOS or under Windows using a “Save As DOS Text” Option. When importing an ASCII text file in the Unicode version of WinPlus, the codepage derived from the current language setting will be used to convert the data to Unicode.

Where are the Device Drivers for the USB XBOX?

For XBOX Ultra, USB XBOX, or PCI Card (32-bit Windows OS) C:\Program Files\Pciwplus32U\Application Device Drivers For XBOX Ultra or USB XBOX (64-bit Windows OS) C:\Program Files (x86)\Pciwplus32U\Application Device Drivers For XBOX Lite, HC/5 or HC/7 (32-bit Windows OS) C:\Program Files\Pciwplus32XL\Application Device Drivers For XBOX Lite, HC/5 or HC/7 (64-bit Windows OS) C:\Program Files (x86)\Pciwplus32XL\Application Device Drivers

Where is my wplus32.ini configuration file?

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autoscript\WinPlus Windows 7: C:\ProgramData\Autoscript\WinPlus See also in WinPlus - Help menu "Where is my wplus32.ini file?"

Will the +ClockPlus+ Mount on my existing Autoscript Prompter Displays?

The +ClockPlus+ has been designed to retro fit on all the TFT Displays, except the ELP range. ClockPlus can also be powered from the TFT aux power out.

WinPlus is saying "Prompter Disabled".

XBOX Ultra / USB XBOX / XBOX Lite:
  • Check that the XBOX is powered up and the USB is connected to the computer.
  • Check that all drivers are installed (please see Driver Installation Manual)
  • Under Options – Configuration – PC Card, you have selected correctly the device you are using.
Check that you are using the correct software:
  • WinPlus X Lite – with the XBOX Lite
  • WinPlus News or Studio – XBOX Ultra / XBOX USB
PCI Card
  • Check that the PCI Card is installed into a PCI slot, on a 32-bit OS Windows computer.
  • Check that all drivers are installed (please see Driver Installation Manual)
  • Under Options – Configuration – PC Card, you have selected correctly the device you are using.
  • Check that you are using software: WinPlus News or Studio

WinPlus will freeze and then crash.

Please use "Windows Classic Theme" in system preferences.

WinPlus won’t open; I’m getting a .dll error.

Please go to: C:\Program Files\Pciwplus32u/Autoscript Device Drivers Run the application: usb_dk3_dongle_driver_3264.exe

Working with the NDS E5425 encoder

In order to function correctly with the NDS E5425 encoder, the PCPrompt card must be provided with a (PAL or NTSC) genlock signal. We have determined that, when genlocked, there can be excessive field interval jitter on the PCPrompt card output which will cause the NDS E5425 encoder to reject the video signal. The above problem can be easily fixed by changing a component on the PCPrompt card. Unsolder C28, a 0.1uF capacitor, and replace it with a 1uF/25V electrolytic capacitor. Ensure that the positive end of the capacitor is nearest to the adjacent chip, IC22