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WinPlus-IP Licence Extension

Customers whose WinPlus-IP application status shows as Expired, or Updates and Support Ended, are being offered the latest version of WinPlus-IP free of charge. To take advantage of the offer you must apply for a licence update. Please complete the form at the link below with the Machine ID for the PC registered to WinPlus-IP.

Please do not delete your current version of WinPlus-IP or back-up any files, the new version will install over your existing application and all settings will remain.

A member of our support team will issue an updated licence which will enable you to install the new version within 30 days. 

Please note that the licence key you will receive is limited to one PC. The Machine ID supplied must be from the PC that will be running WinPlus-IP otherwise the licence will be void and additional charges may apply.

If you are a new user and need to register your software, please click here.

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