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The Voice of a new generation

The next generation of prompting is here. Autoscript Voice uses revolutionary advanced speech recognition technology to free presenters and production staff from their scroll control devices. Using Voice for WinPlus-IP, presenters are empowered with reliable and accurate real-time control of their prompted script simply by speaking the words. It’s the most effortless way to control a prompter ever.

Naturally intuitive
scroll control

Created in consultation with a major US television network, Voice utilises patent pending IP technology to provide a bespoke solution designed for the next generation of live television production. Using active listening, Voice continuously monitors the production audio feed to automatically advance the script as the words are spoken. It will even pause for adlibs and resume scrolling when the presenter is back on script – allowing them to comfortably read the script without the extra effort of manual scroll control.

Active intelligence,
instant response

The intelligent control system at the heart of Autoscript Voice is designed to manage the complexities of live broadcasts and perform in the most demanding workflows. Automatic speech recognition combines with proprietary algorithms and advanced pattern matching to scroll and navigate the script in perfect synchronisation with the presenter. Voice automatically handles numerous script and show formats, supports multiple presenters, and can understand regional accents.

Integrated Automation

As part of the Intelligent Prompting workflow, Autoscript Voice enhances dynamic automated production environments, allowing redeployment of resources to areas of greater value. Voice controls WinPlus-IP simultaneously with other Autoscript scroll control devices offering flexibility of control where required. Fully IP and Virtual Machine compliant, Voice can be anywhere on the network delivering resource efficiency and added agility to your production. The prompting revolution has started – It’s time to add your voice.

  • Developed with a leading news broadcaster
  • Highly responsive scroll control and show navigation for presenters and production staff
  • Automatically handles script formats, ad libs, and interview segments
  • Supports regional accents and multi-presenter formats
  • IP and virtual machine compliant
  • Integrates into automated production models

Add your Voice

Autoscript Voice is the next generation of production automation, delivering efficiency and agility.

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Seeing is believing, so contact us now for a demonstration.