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WinPlus-IP v1.12.2.102



For further information about this release please download the release notes

Customers with a valid WinPlus-IP licence (within a year of purchase of the application, within a year of purchase of a software upgrades licence, or covered by a support contract) are entitled to free access to updates. To update your software please click on the link below and download the application. There is no need to back any files up, the application will install straight over the top of your existing application and all settings will remain.

Customers without a valid software upgrades licence may continue prompting with their existing version of WinPlus-IP. If you would like to update to this release please contact Autoscript or your Autoscript reseller for an annual upgrades licence or tailored support contract.

To check the expiration date of your licence, open WinPlus-IP on the PC you wish to upgrade. From the ‘Help’ menu select ‘Licence Management’. Check the ‘Valid To’ date, which is shown using the format Day/Month/Year.

If you have downloaded the free evaluation version of WinPlus-IP please click on the link below to download the latest release.

Existing devices may require a firmware update for any new version of WinPlus-IP and this will be indicated by a yellow triangle symbol in the devices pane.

I understand that a valid WinPlus-IP licence is required to update to this version. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the new features and functions outlined in the release notes.


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