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April 5, 2018 – Autoscript today introduced its new IPS range for Intelligent Prompting. New products in the IPS range include EVO-IPS, the world’s first all-IP prompting monitor, and WinPlus-IPS software, a simple but powerful prompting application for smaller productions. Based on Autoscript’s leading Intelligent Prompting solution, the combination of WinPlus-IPS and EVO-IPS creates a highly responsive, IP-enabled prompting workflow with a select feature set ideally suited for smaller budgets.

“When we launched Intelligent Prompting last year, we made history with the first teleprompting system designed around an IP-enabled workflow that could also accommodate video workflows, with built-in analog and digital video inputs as standard,” said Robin Brown, product manager at Autoscript. “Our new IPS range packages the power of Intelligent Prompting in a cost-effective, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use solution that’s perfect for smaller IP-based studios as well as corporate, educational, and government productions. This range is ideal for customers who want to leverage our world-class prompting technology while also taking advantage of IP’s flexibility to avoid the cost and complexity of a video-based prompting infrastructure.”

As the next generation of Autoscript’s WinPlus XLite software, the new WinPlus-IPS is a simple but powerful application. Connecting over an IP network to a single controller, WinPlus-IPS employs many of the features of WinPlus-IP, Autoscript’s premier prompting software — including a modern, customisable user interface, super-smooth scroll preview, and live script editing. Users can connect any number of EVO-IPS monitors and Xbox-IP scroll engines. In addition, the Intelligent Prompting device manager enables users to monitor, control, and update networked prompting devices remotely. An HC-IP desktop hand control is supplied with the software, and optional, WinPlus-IPS-compatible foot and wireless hand controllers are also available.

The new EVO-IPS line of monitors offers a cost-effective, IP-only solution for progressive, modern studios. As the world’s first IP-only prompt monitor, the EVO-IPS offers a simple and flexible workflow, connecting directly to the user’s choice of WinPlus-IP or WinPlus-IPS software over an IP network and displaying smooth scroll prompter video without the need for an additional scroll engine. Available in both 15” and 19” models, standard-bright EVO-IPS monitors feature a super-slim chassis and lightweight design, with a depth of only 42mm. All on-camera systems are designed to remove the need for counterbalance and make the teleprompter significantly lighter.

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