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Product Specification

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Timecode, tally and camera number display

The CLOCKPLUS-IP displays the time and camera tally, as well as the camera number, which can be clearly presented using a dual digit alpha-numeric display on the right-hand side. It is compatible with all EVO-IP monitors and integrates into all EPIC-IP systems. It attaches simply to the EVO-IP and is designed to give an attractive, unified appearance, which is particularly striking when it is integrated into the EPIC talent monitor as part of an EPIC-IP system (as shown).

CLOCKPLUS-IP accepts the widest choice of time inputs available via the EVO-IP monitor, including Network Time Protocol and D-VITC, taking all data from the prompt monitor without the need for additional wires.

  • Timecode, tally and camera number information, all clearly visible through the lens
  • Widest choice of time inputs available, ensures easy integration
  • Simply attached to EVO-IP monitor to create an attractive information system
    Inputs (from EVO-IP)
  • NTP via Ethernet
  • LTC via BNC
  • VITC via Composite Video BNC (requires VITC/D-VITC enabled monitor)
  • D-VITC via HD/SDI Video BNC (requires VITC/D-VITC enabled monitor)
    Time display
  • 12/24 hour mode
    Tally display
  • Green to red to match camera status
    Camera number display
  • Dual digit alpha numeric field
  • Attaches to EVO-IP prompt monitor
  • Integrates to ETM in EPIC prompter configuration
  • Through WinPlus-IP software application (not included)
  • 465 g / 1.0 lb
  • A9011-1006: CLOCKPLUS-IP Timecode, tally and camera number display for Intelligent Prompting monitors.
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