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Welcome to a world of Intelligent Prompting

Whatever your requirements, wherever you happen to be, worldwide, you can trust Autoscript’s industry-leading and fully IP-enabled ‘Intelligent Prompting’ solutions to keep your talent on cue and in control….

With Intelligent Prompting everyone can adopt a fully IP-enabled teleprompting solution for the first time. Each component within the prompting system has been designed around an intelligent IP workflow, able to work responsively and securely in today’s dynamic production environment. The Intelligent Prompting devices offer the flexibility to integrate simply via an IP network, pool resources anywhere in the world, and implement fail-safe redundancy measures for live broadcast.

HC-IP Desktop Hand Control
FC-IP Foot Scroll Control

WinPlus-IP, a simple and modern refresh of our industry standard prompting application compliments the workflow, and revolutionary hardware improvements include networked monitors, and a massive reduction in weight and setup time for unrivalled operation.

Intelligent Prompting represents a scalable, IP prompting architecture that ensures benefits at any stage in an IP transition, while also opening the door for continuous workflow improvements. Welcome to the future.

Intelligent Prompting Products

Industry-leading and fully IP-enabled ‘Intelligent Prompting’ solutions to keep your talent on cue and in control


With a recognisable look and feel refined over many years of use, familiar shortcut keys and enhanced functionality, WinPlus-IP is a simple and modern refresh of the industry standard prompting application. A device status tool enables monitoring and management of all Intelligent Prompting devices on the network. Simplified menus presented above the relevant content area, and programmable function buttons throughout, further add to make this the most powerful prompting application available.


The slim, lightweight design of the new EVO-IP prompt monitor is perfect for productions using even small robotic supports. As an Intelligent Prompting device, the monitor includes IP connectivity and scroll engine functionality as well as HD-SDI and Composite inputs for use with an external scroll box. The EVO-IP on-camera system comes with Autoscript’s new Intelligent Prompting mounting and carbon fibre hood, vastly reducing both weight and setup time, for easier operation.


The HC-IP desktop hand control has been ergonomically designed to maximise performance and comfort. From providing a neutral hand position with adequate wrist support, left or right handed operation, and using Power of Ethernet for simple integration, everything was considered to create a controller that is radically different to the options previously available.


The EPIC-IP integrated system uses the EVO-IP prompt monitor with its sleek design and in-built connectivity, to create the lightest weight prompting solution with talent monitor. The new EPIC Talent Monitor (ETM) is detachable, offering the flexibility to upgrade at any point and a 24” talent monitor is available to add to the EVO-IP 19” when a large feedback screen is required.


The XBox-IP is an extremely compact and tough scroll engine that networks via Ethernet to WinPlus-IP. Dual HD-SDI outputs support the distribution of the teleprompter video to traditional prompt monitors. In addition a Power over Ethernet output can be used to power an Intelligent Prompting scroll control – ideal for single controller setups.

iEVO / WP-i

The iEVO app allows one or more iPads to be connected to WinPlus-IP to be used as teleprompters, additional reference, or operator preview monitors in any location on the network. With a WP-i licence for WinPlus-IP, a prompted script can be displayed on an iPad connected over WiFi or wired Ethernet adapter providing a reliable, portable monitor for your operators or talent.

Don’t stop the script

Keeping those scripts rolling

As the IP revolution continues to transform media and broadcast delivering greater efficiencies and flexibility, prompting will be a key beneficiary, especially when it comes to redundancy and smooth, instant failover in the event of an equipment glitch. In this article, we’ll look at the impact of IP networks on prompting redundancy and reliability.

See it in action

Watch how Intelligent Prompting from Autoscript uses IP to create vital fail safes, with seamless switching to eliminate unwanted interruptions keeping you on cue and in control.

Remotely Integrated at-home production

Our EPIC-IP 19XL teleprompter has Composite and HD-SDI inputs but the possibilities with IP are endless! Watch now to see how the prompter data can be fed through the CCU of an IP camera, for a cleanly integrated setup that’s ready for any REMI production.

At summer 2018’s largest sporting event, one large US broadcaster was able to prompt over two continents, using the Intelligent Prompting IP workflow to share resources from their US HQ to the event studio in Russia. Want to know, who, where and why?

Speed up your setup

The talent’s delivery of the script dictates the speed of your production but teleprompters shouldn’t dictate the speed of your setup.

Until now it has taken an experienced operator over 6 minutes to setup the industry standard teleprompter. With Intelligent Prompting it takes less than a minute. If you don’t believe it watch our (quick) video.

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