HC-IP Desktop Hand Control

Comfortably the smartest control

The HC-IP desktop hand control has been ergonomically designed to maximise performance and comfort. From providing a neutral hand position with adequate wrist support, and left or right handed operation, everything was considered to create a controller that is radically different to the options previously available.

Using Power over Ethernet, the HC-IP requires just one Ethernet cable for both power and network connectivity. A light clearly indicates the power and connectivity status to the user. The three main buttons are centrally positioned in an elevated section of the controller for comfortable access with either hand. A programmable function button on either side of the scroll wheel include a choice of illumination colour for easy reference.

The HC-IP represents a major step forward for operators everywhere who use scroll controls on a daily basis.

Product Details

  • Wrist support and neutral hand position ensures comfortable, safe operation
  • Central button positioning supports left and right-handed operation
  • Two illuminated function buttons programmable in WinPlus-IP to suit the operator’s desired configuration
  • Powered over Ethernet to simplify integration and reduce cabling

Standard function buttons

  • Next (page/bookmark/ snapshot)
  • Previous (page/bookmark/ snapshot)
  • Top of script.

Programmable function buttons

  • 2 x illuminated function buttons programmed within WinPlus-IP
  • Colour options: RGB, White standard (User definable)

Status Display

  • Illuminated multi-colour window shows device network status and operational mode.


  • 3W Max power consumption
  • Powered over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Requires 3rd party PoE injector or XBox-IP (not included)


  • 500g / 1.1 lb


  • 42mm / 1.65″ (Height) x 134mm / 5.28″ (Width) x 230mm / 9.06″ (Length)


  • 1 x RJ45
  • A9009-0002 HC-IP desktop hand control.
  • Cable and PoE injector solution must be purchased separately