WB-IP Wireless Base Station

The WB-IP Wireless Base Station pairs with the WC-IP Wireless Controller (not included) to create a solution for any studio where talent need to be in control and on the move.

WB-IP is paired with a WC-IP within WinPlus-IP. The base station sends control data from the WC-IP to the software application, and transmits configuration data to the WC-IP. With a range of up to 30m (100ft) the WB-IP can be positioned in a discreet location such as the lighting grid, allowing the WC-IP to be used in large and small studios.

Using Power over Ethernet, the WB-IP requires just one Ethernet cable for both power and network connectivity. LED indicators on the base station clearly display power and network connectivity, while status is also displayed in the WinPlus-IP device management window.

Product Details

  • Receiver for WC-IP
  • Powered over Ethernet to simplify integration and reduce cabling
  • Status monitoring in WP-IP
  • Small and lightweight for easy positioning
  • Dimensions: 25 x 73 x 116mm (1 x 2.9 x 4.6”)
  • Weight: 150g (0.3lb)
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Wireless Range: 100m (300ft)
  • Indicators: RGB Status LED (power and wireless connection status), Ethernet Data LED, Ethernet Link LED
  • A9009-0008 WB-IP: Wireless Base Station for use with WC-IP Wireless Controller.
  • [Wireless Controller not included]