WinPlus-IP News

The power behind Intelligent Prompting

WinPlus-IP News is the choice of newsrooms worldwide. In addition to the features of WinPlus-IP it offers compatibility with all leading NRCS including: Avid iNews, Dalet, News Wire, Newsmaker, Newstar.

MOS Protocol devices supported include: Annova Open Media, AP ENPS, News Works, Octopus, Dayang, Sobey, NIS4, Inception & Eidos Media. WinPlus-IP News enables instant script updates from Newsroom systems. The connectivity status of each Newsroom is viewable at a glance and can be given a user defined name for easy reference. Busy productions will benefit from having multiple rundowns loaded for multi-programme operation.

With multi-language compatibility, WinPlus-IP News offers a powerful Newsroom prompting package for use anywhere in the world.

Product Details

WinPlus-IP News can be purchased as a license for WinPlus-IP, to enable additional functionality including:

  • Closed caption options enable script to be outputted for captions/subtitles
  • Multiple rundowns loaded for multi-programme operation
  • Instant script updates from NRCS for seamless newsroom workflow
  • Newsroom connectivity status displayed for easy monitoring
  • User definable friendly name & newsroom connection type ensures simple setup

Minimum system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • 32 Bit and 64 Bit OS supported
  • Hard Drive: 5GB of free disk space
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Processor: i5 (3 cores min.)
  • Graphics: Graphics card supporting OpenGL 3 for smooth preview/VGA prompting


  • Connects automatically to all Intelligent Prompting devices on the connected IP network
  • In-screen real time scroll preview
  • Simple customisable user interface: resizable windows, colour selection, content tile position, content tile pin to sidebar, tabbed windows
  • Script edits during live prompting
  • Multi language support
  • Word & RTF Import
  • Graphical scroll control

Run Order

  • Options: add story, remove story, cloak story, drop story, scroll to prompter, track live story, print run order
  • Available run order preview
  • Drag and drop story

Story Editor

  • Options: font type, font size, font format, font colour, background colour, spell check, cut & paste
  • Script matches prompt mode to indicate prompt output
  • Follow prompter
  • Font resize slider

Prompter preview

  • Super smooth scroll
  • Options: timer, on-screen message, invert colours, blank screen
  • Timer options: background clock
  • Presenter preferences

Device management

  • Status: add manual, add discovered, monitoring
  • Device grouping for firmware updates
  • Remote program of scroll control function buttons
  • Assign colours to function buttons
  • Remote software and firmware updates


  • HC-IP desktop scroll control (not included)
  • EVO-IP monitors, including EPIC-IP systems (not included, no XBox-IP required)
  • XBox-IP scroll engine (not included, produces dual HD-SDI output)
  • Instant script updates from NRCS
  • Multiple rundowns
  • Newsroom connectivity status
  • User definable friendly name & newsroom connection type
  • Closed Caption output function

WP-IPN Newsroom licence for WinPlus-IP studio prompting software application

WP-IPNPKG WinPlus-IP software application, newsroom license, XBOX-IP prompt video generator, and HC-IP desktop controller package