WinPlus-IP Single Device Licence For Use With iPad

By purchasing a WP-i licence for WinPlus-IP users can connect and display the prompted script on an iPad, creating a reliable, portable monitor for operators and talent.

When connected to the same network an iPad with the iEVO app (available free of charge from the Apple App Store) will show as a device within the WinPlus-IP device manager. Once activated it will receive the prompting data from WinPlus-IP over Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet adaptor, enabling the script to be rendered in the iPad so that it becomes an additional monitor. This offers a unique and flexible solution for iPad prompting, controlled like a standard on-camera unit.


Product Details

  • The only prompting app that connects to fully featured prompting software for live productions including news
  • Unique workflow displays the script in real-time on an iPad
  • iPad connects as a standard device in WinPlus-IP for easy monitoring
  • Unique handheld teleprompter solution
  • Reference/preview monitor solution for any location on the network
  • Alternative option for jib or Steadicam when weight is an issue

Supported software:

  • WinPlus-IP
    WinPlus-IPS version 1.3 or higher

Supported Apps:

  • iEVO only

iPad connections:

  • 1 per licence

Script functions:

  • As in WinPlus-IP


  • Connect, image orientation
  • WP-I:WinPlus-IP iPad licence, single device